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If there was ever a South Africa’s Got Talent version for bakkies, the Isuzu KB
Westvaal Webmaster         Source: Isuzu Motors GROUP
Bakkie’s got TALENT

If there was ever a South Africa’s Got Talent version for bakkies, the Isuzu KB would enter the stage with these 21 talents; some are obvious, some not-so-obvious, some are very South African and other talents are just downright brilliance fueled by ingenuity.

And there are of course more legitimate talents where these came from. Visit Isuzu to find out more about what makes this bakkie such a super star.

Isuzu Motors SA understands that bakkie owners in South Africa

Spotlight on the Bakkie’s Talents

"South Africanised"
Your bakkie is so South African that if the hooter could speak it would know exactly when to say ‘howzit’ and when to beep ‘tsjek’. Did you know that the engineering brains behind the KB have South Africanised the Isuzu bakkie for not only our tough terrain and road conditions but also according to customers’ needs? Isuzu Motors SA understands that bakkie owners in South Africa and pick-up owners in Japan for example use the vehicle for completely different purposes and therefore small changes – such as the third hinge on the tailgate (on newest models) for extra toughness while loading mielies or a year’s worth of braai wors – have been added to make this vehicle more South African.

Save-the-day Space
Be the hero and save the day; whether you’re moving mountains or furniture, you can help thy neighbour, thy friend and thy auntie who bakes that delicious milk tart thanks to all that space in the load box.

Keep-the-peace Ports
Got kids? Do they fight? Get bored easily? Are you struggling to keep them busy during long drives? Fear no more with the Isuzu’s keep-the-peace ports (also known as USB ports and 12V power outlet). Throw in a small camping fridge between the kids (also known as a peace barrier), keep the padkos and cold drinks in tip-top condition and find zen in the USB charging ports that will keep the peace because let’s face it, one can only play so many car games before someone starts asking, “Are we there yet?”.

Entrepreneurial Seats
Bakkie owner? Entrepreneurial brain? Bob’s your uncle!

Living Room
The Isuzu’s interior is comfortable, spacious and packed with the latest technology. It makes long distance driving an absolute joy.

Let’s not lie, it’s one fine bakkie; stylish, elegant and with curves in all the right places!

Genius Cup Holder
Cup holders are a fickle thing; some are too small, some are too deep and swallow coffee cups for breakfast (lid and all) and others are two cup holders morphed into one tiny space that makes the two drinks look as if they’re fighting over the arm rest. Can we all just take a moment of silence and thank the genius – who clearly values and understands coffee-on-the-go – who thought of a cup holder that pulls out, conveniently located just next to the driver’s right hand?

Everybody put your hands up, put your hands up, DJ Bakkie is in da street! With steering wheel audio controls, Bluetooth, MP3 and more you can play music to your heart’s content.

The bakkie is a workhouse but don’t think it will break a sweat quickly; this one’s theme song starts with “I’ve got the power…” (Torque: 380nm @ 1 800-2 800 r/Min).

The Isuzu bakkie might originally hail from Japan but the KB is as South African as can be, firmly embedded like pap and wors into our bakkie culture.

Go paint the town red; whether you have a red, white, black, grey or blue bakkie! Fun fact: Did you know that for 2017 Isuzu was the top selling red bakkie in South Africa?

With you, for the long run
It’s more than just a tagline, it is a promise; from the beginning of your journey until you decide it’s time for a newer model, Isuzu will be there for you.

Bragging Rights
You have official bragging rights: In 2010, during the 72-hour Endurance Challenge, a new world record was set by Isuzu in several distance categories. At the end of the 72 hours the leading KB 300 D-TEQ bakkie had completed 12 243.385km km at an average speed of 170,047 km/h over 72 hours smashing the previous distance record by 722.721 km.

You’re in good hands. This one has all the safe words you could have ever imagined: *ABS, EBD, BAS, ESC, HAC and HDC. Plus six airbags.

All-terrain Tyres
The bakkie’s all-terrain tyres are not just any type of wam-bam-here’s-your-tyres-mam, but it is part of the ingenuity of Isuzu, chosen specifically for our conditions to make the vehicle move like Mick Jagger on any road surface, whether you are doing some urban cruising or bundu bashing.

4×4 Pro
You can become an official off-roading pro thanks to the Isuzu Driving Academy, their team of pros and the hands-on learning experience.

Step Ladder
Not blessed in the height department? Don’t worry. You don’t have to do a pole vault to get inside, there’s a side step – or rather, a step ladder – for the shorties.

Ground Clearance like a Boss
The KB can easily manoeuvre over tricky terrain thanks to its lekker ground clearance. Always remember to get a decent idea of the obstacle ahead before attempting to Tarzan over it.

Business, leisure or both? Thanks to its comfort features and promise of durability, dependability and reliability you can use this vehicle for heavy-duty 8-5 jobs as well as family vacations.

To Tow (or not to tow?)
You know what they say; a friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend that can get you freed is better. If someone’s stuck in a rut or in the mud, they can rely on you! And whether you need to tow livestock, a caravan or that boat your wife is not too fond of, you’ll do it with power and ease. (Or let’s rephrase, the bakkie will do it with power and ease, you are on your own with your wife).

Spy Camera
Put that bakkie in reverse and there’s a spy badge with your name on it. Despite the bakkie’s size, the wide-angle reverse camera combined with the Park Distance Control will help you to manoeuvre the bakkie in an easy and risk-free way.
Isuzu Hombre Audio – Radio, Speak

Bakkie cover

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