Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Car

1. Match Your Car with Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a busy parent who needs space for the kids or a student on a budget, it’s important to choose a car that meets your lifestyle preferences.

2. Set a Budget

Decide on your budget before you start looking for a new used car. Having that number in mind helps you trim down your options and avoid overspending.

3. Do Your Research

Research the different brands of cars to learn about the pros and cons of the various types of models out on the showroom floor.

4. Inspect Your Choices

What we see online is not always what we get – create a shortlist of the cars you like and inspect them in person.

5. Book a Test Drive

The best way to know if a car is right for you is to take a spin in it. Always ask for a test drive.

6. Check the Mileage

Lower mileage cars are usually in better shape but cost more. Find the right balance for your needs.

7. Ask for a Service History

Make sure that any used car you consider has a full service history to avoid any future mishaps.

8. Understand the Paperwork

It can be easy to get swept away with the nostalgia of a new used car. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions before you sign!

9. Consider Financing

If you can’t afford to buy a used car once off, explore financing options that provide you with flexibility.

10. Use a Reputable Dealer

Private sellers aren’t held to the same standards as dealerships when selling used cars. Dealerships also offer financing, expert guidance and more variety.