Meet the Hyundai Kona

Introducing the captivating allure of the all-new Hyundai KONA N Line. Building upon the essence of the KONA, the N-inspired KONA N Line radiates a distinctive energy that's entirely its own. Enveloped in advanced technology and inspired aerodynamics, this SUV represents a bold fusion of style and performance.

Overview Experience a world where innovation and style coexist harmoniously – the new KONA N Line is here to exceed your expectations. Beneath its vibrant surface lies a realm of ingenious innovations that redefine the SUV experience. With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay at your fingertips, playing your life's theme songs becomes effortless. As you settle into the driver's seat, enjoy the embrace of artificial leather seat trims that exude comfort and luxury. Elevate your journeys with features like rear parking sensors and cameras, daytime running lights and HAC (Hill Start Assist Control) that enhance your confidence on every road.

Stylish and Driven Dare to stand out and express your individuality with the new KONA N Line.
Vibrant Finishes and Colours Unveil your unique trendsetter persona with a palette of vibrant finishes and colours to choose from, including Surfy Blue, Pulse Red, Atlas White, Ignite Flame, Cyber Grey and Dark Knight.
Distinct Energy The KONA N Line was designed to make a lasting impression wherever you go. With every curve and contour, the exterior radiates a distinct energy that's bound to turn heads and inspire admiration.
Luxury and Sportiness The N-inspired interior design elevates your driving environment, surrounding you with leather craftsmanship that reflects both luxury and sportiness.
Performance and Prestige The red and black trim adds a bold touch, while the iconic N-Badge on the seats and gear knob serves as a symbol of performance and prestige.
Confidence and Originality Immerse yourself in a driving experience that's tailored to your unique style, where every detail exudes confidence and originality.

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