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Westvaal Peugeot is an industry leader in car sales, services & related accessories.

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An official dealer of the Westvaal Motor Group, Westvaal Peugeot is a nationwide provider of new, used and demo model vehicle sales and aftersales services. We are proud to deliver exceptional value and customer service. We are a people-centred business, with mobility and service as our core offerings. Westvaal Peugeot is committed to delivering value with locations throughout the country.

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We not only buy, sell and lease cars, but we also provide expert vehicle services, genuine Peugeot parts, advice from experienced industry pros as well as remarkable customer service. Westvaal Peugeot offers all the best new, used and demo models that Peugeot has to offer the South African market, a brand that perfectly represents our standards of delivering quality and unparalleled value.

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With a firm understanding of how to best match the right solution with your needs, we are dedicated to meeting your requirements with exceptional value and a customer-centric approach. We have more than 46 years of experience in offering superior mobility solutions and being your partner in family or business safety and success. Let us get you where you need to, whenever and wherever that may be.

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