Meet the Hyundai Staria

Captivating from every angle, this exceptional MPV Bus is designed to make an impression both inside and out. Whether you opt for the 9-seater or the 11-seater configuration, the STARIA offers a mesmerising experience that's bound to elevate your journeys. Its alluring exterior harmonises with meticulously designed interiors, promising every passenger a spacious haven of comfort and style. Choose from three different artificial leather interior trims.

Overview Inside, every passenger is treated to ample room and an extraordinary experience. The pièce de résistance is the one-of-a-kind 180-degree Swivel Seats that foster face-to-face interactions on the go, redefining travel dynamics. USB Connections are thoughtfully placed throughout the interior, ensuring everyone stays connected. Smart Cruise Control, designed to enhance safety on longer drives, adds an extra layer of convenience.

Sophisticated Design Featuring a premium exterior available in five elegant shades, the STARIA stands as a true embodiment of its sophisticated design.
Captivating and Elegant Behold the captivating exterior of the STARIA, available in five distinct colours that exude elegance and sophistication.
Meticulously Crafted From the front fascia to the rear, each detail is meticulously crafted to create a harmonious aesthetic. The addition of a Dual Sunroof and wide windows ensures panoramic views, enveloping passengers in a world of beauty while maintaining their safety.
Indulgence and Innovation Step into a realm of indulgence and innovation within the STARIA's interiors. Passengers are welcomed into an environment of comfort and style, with ample space and meticulously chosen artificial leather interior trims.
Comfort and Style The Luxury Bus Creamy White variant showcases the exclusive Nappa leather seat and suede upholstery, adding an extra layer of opulence. Beyond comfort, the STARIA's interior fosters connectivity and convenience with strategically placed USB Connections.
Safety Features The extraordinary 180-degree Swivel Seats facilitate face-to-face conversations, while inbuilt Smart Cruise Control and a suite of safety features ensure peace of mind on every journey.

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