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We are dedicated to structuring the best deal possible for all our customers and it’s our mission to make your Westvaal experience an unforgettable one. Westvaal Simplify is committed to providing you with professional and friendly service from the first purchase to the last service.

About Us

As a member of the Westvaal Motor Group, a nationwide new, used and demo model vehicle dealership family, Westvaal Simplify proudly offers car and truck rental services with exceptional value and incomparable customer service. We are a people-centred business, focused on meeting your needs with simplicity and service excellence.

At Simplify Vehicle and Truck Rental, we make it our mission to deliver a friendly and personalised service. That’s why we went out of our way to make the rental car, bakkie or truck process as easy as possible. We always offer the best possible rental solutions from long-term vehicle leasing for your business or short-term leisure rentals.

Our focus is on simplifying the vehicle rental process.

Renting a vehicle couldn't be simpler!


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Collect your rental vehicle

Westvaal Simplify provides outstanding truck rental services

Our services include Full Maintenance Leasing (FML), Short-term and long-term truck rental and 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Our vehicles have Onboard Cameras, with Vehicle tracking and fleet insurance. We also offer Fleet Management and Risk Management solutions, as well as Vehicle Insurance, Including 3rd Party cover.

Discover all the great content on our website and explore our wide range of new, used and demo cars and call or visit Westvaal Simplify to book a test drive soon!

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With a firm understanding of how to best match the right solution with your particular needs, we are dedicated to meeting your requirements with exceptional value and a customer-centric approach. Let us get you where you need to, whenever and wherever that may be.

Full Maintenance Leasing
Simplify Short-term and long-term truck rental
Short-term and long-term truck rental
24/7 Roadside Assistance
Onboard Cameras
Simplify Short-term and long-term truck rental
Vehicle tracking and fleet insurance
Fleet Management
Simplify Short-term and long-term truck rental
Risk Management
Simplify Short-term and long-term truck rental
Vehicle Insurance