Meet the Hyundai Palisade

The epitome of our luxury SUV lineup, the Hyundai PALISADE is adorned with opulent finishes and a redesigned exterior. Step into a world where luxury meets performance, comfort merges with convenience and spaciousness coexists with premium design. Say goodbye to mundane travels. Our latest offering, the PALISADE, is a compelling choice for drivers who crave unrivalled comfort, cutting-edge aesthetics and generous seating and legroom. Available in both 7- and 8-seater configurations, it's an invitation to a world of elevated experiences.
Overview More than just a vehicle, the PALISADE is a masterpiece meticulously crafted to redefine luxury. From its striking black chrome radiator grille to its sumptuous full leather interior, every detail reflects sophistication. The heated multi-functioning steering wheel adds a touch of opulence to your drive. Whether you choose the 7-seater or the 8-seater version, you'll be immersed in a world where elegance and practicality coalesce seamlessly.

Commanding Presence Prepare to be captivated by the PALISADE's commanding presence.
Functionality and Aesthetics Its updated exterior design combines aesthetics and functionality, creating an SUV that's as breathtaking as it is practical.
Elegance and Confidence The aesthetic black chrome radiator grille sets the tone for luxury, while the carefully sculpted lines and dynamic proportions exude elegance and confidence.
Comfort and Technology Step inside the PALISADE and experience the pinnacle of comfort and technology. The lavish full leather interior welcomes you into a realm of luxury, where every surface is designed with your indulgence in mind.
Spacious and Well-appointed Whether you're in the driver's seat or a passenger's, you're met with a spacious and well-appointed cabin that offers unrivalled comfort.
Cutting-edge Entertainment From the heated multi-functioning steering wheel to the cutting-edge Infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the PALISADE redefines the way you experience every journey.

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