Introducing the Isuzu F-Series of Heavy Commercial Trucks

When it comes to performance, the F-Series is powerful and fuel-efficient, offering more mileage and low running and maintenance costs, because Isuzu understands the needs of South African businesses.

Modern Engineering Known the world over for its innovation and durability by business owners and fleet managers who understand the importance of day-to-day efficiency and long-term reliability, the F-Series of heavy commercial trucks were manufactured with the goal to deliver on versatility and endurance.

Model Options

Capability There is always work to be done and Isuzu’s F-Series is a range of robust heavy-commercial trucks that is hungry for work.
Economy Available in four variants, the F-Series all feature the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) standard. AMT offers more control for simplicity and fuel-efficient operations with enhanced safety for the driver as the payload.
Convenience Standard fitted on all models in the F-Series are high torque turbocharged heavy-duty engines, robust and capable of heavy loads, as well as Isuzu’s innovative common rail diesel technology for incomparable fuel efficiency, minimising running and maintenance costs.
Precaution Featuring twenty variants with a range of 11 000kg to 26 000kg GVM, Isuzu’s extensive F-Series range delivers operational efficiency and versatility that is more capable of managing your freight needs.
Environmental Care The F-Series offers leading-edge fuel economy, cutting-edge safety features and minimised emissions.

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Isuzu F-Series Trucks
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