Presenting the Isuzu FX-Series of Extra Heavy Commercial Trucks

Does your business need a fleet of highly capable extra heavy-duty trucks that are tougher than the load?
ENGINEERED FOR ECONOMY Isuzu’s extra-heavy commercial trucks are comfortable on any site and capable of the most challenging tasks. Manufactured for heavy-duty applications, FX-Series trucks with specialised tipper, compactor or and mixer chassis to choose from.

Model Options

Convenience The Isuzu FX-Series features eight models in a range of wheelbases, as well as several suspensions, axles and transmissions to choose from.
Performance Designed to offer the ultimate in fuel-efficient engineering, Isuzu’s FX-Series truck range features Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) provides additional safety and control by providing a safeguard from missed gear shifts and allows the driver to stay in control and focused on the road.
Versatile Featuring ten variants, the FX range of Isuzu trucks features trucks, tractors or rigid bodies, with specs reaching 33 000kg GVM from the 8x4 FYH Tipper Auto model and 45 000kg GCM Compactor Auto models.
Environmental Care Designed to meet the strictest of Euro V environmental standards, the Isuzu FX-series of trucks are simple, convenient and affordable to maintain and keep running costs to a minimum.
Economy Built to last with durable parts and safety-driven design and functionality, the F-Series can be trusted with your cargo as well as enhance driver safety.

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Isuzu FX-Series Trucks
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